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Our Team Has 5+ Years Of Experience With Hosting & Updating Whatsapp APIs.

Our Infrastructure is Actively Developed Since 5+ Years & Has Highest Integrations Than Any Other Solution.

Whatsapp Has Billions Of Users & Millions Of Businesses Want To Work With It.This Opportunity Can Offer You The Highest Returns.


1 Domain Licence
100% Whitelabelled Panel
Host API On Your Own Server
Manage Customers
1 Year Updates Included
Free Installation Support On Digital Ocean Cloud
Host Unlimited Whatsapp Numbers On Your Own Server
$ 350 / Year For Future Updates ( Optional )

The Best Way To Experience The Platform Is To Try It, To Avoid Exploitation Of Free Trials We Charge 1 $ For a 2 days Trial.


Create Instance

Your customers can create an instance ( by selecting the suitable plan. Plans are made by you from admin panel )


Your customers can scan their whatsapp qr code inside your panel.


Your SAAS Will have a native webhooks to actions option, works like a MINI Pabbly Connect / Integromat / KonnectzIT / Zapier.

Auto Reply / Basic WA Bot

Your SAAS will be equipped with an "AutoReply" function based on the keywords. You can set keyword based text / file auto reverts and Your SAAS will reply automatically.

Bulk Sender

Your Customers can send Bulk WhatsApp using Your SAAS (even if the recipient does not save your number).

Website Chat Widget

Your customers can create unlimited website chat widgets & insert them in their websites by simply adding the code to header scripts.


Your customers can verify their website visitors by sending them an otp on whatsapp as well as track each page visited by them on their website.

Use Case :- Virtual Events Entry / Give Aways / Offers

Features Of API

Your Customer Will Be Able to Use All API Functionalities With Your OWN Domain

Send Text Message

Send text message of any length

Send Images

Send PNG / JPG Images

Send Video

Send Mp4 Videos

Send Audio

Send Mp3 Audios

Send PDF Files

Send PDF Files

Send Dynamic Images / PDF

Generate & Send Dynamic Files Via Nexweave / Hyperise / Pabbly

Create Whatsapp Group

Create a new whatsapp group

Add / Remove Members

Add / Remove Members From Group

Send Messages / Files

Send text message / image / video / pdf / audio to a group

Set Receving Webhooks

You can set multiple webhook urls,any message recevied in whatsapp will be sent to all webhook urls.



Get brief statistics about your SAAS.Number Of Customers,Number Of Instances, Total Wallet Balance in Customer Accounts,Number of Messages Sent

View Customers

View All Your Customers  / Users List

Manage Customer

Manage an individual user, view their instances, add wallet balance / credits to user account

Create & Manage Packages

Manage Plans for your customers,
plans can be made on the basis of days / months / years.
Disable / Enable / Edit any existing plan. 

Manage All Instances

Manage All Instances On Your Server.
Edit Instance Owner , Change Expiry Date,View Api Keys,etc


We have API for create user , add wallet credit, remove wallet credit , create instance , change expiry date, change instance owner.So you can easily automate admin functionalities with your own apps / billing infrastructures.


What Is The Server Setup ?

2 servers are involved

1) nodejs ( hosts the whatsapp web )
2) php ( that hosts the dashboard )

You can start both with 10 USD servers

and Increase server size with increase in customers

We will suggest not to play with the nodejs code as it hosts whatsapp web connections

You can develop anything with the php apis and change any part of code of the php dashboard

What Will Be The Cost Of Hosting 1 Whatsapp Web / 1 Customer Number ?

it completely depends on what type of users are sending messages and at what rate
if they send media messages in bulk you need to have high resource server

if they send less text messages you can host 50 instances in a 10 $ server.

Can I Use This on Multiple Domain ?

You and your customers Can Use the integrations from your apis on unlimited domains But The API Will be based on 1 domain only
( Means You Can host it only on 1 domain )

What Kindly Of Installation Support Is Provided ?

We Offer Free Installation For Digital Ocean
And charge an extra 100 usd for installation support on any other hosting provider

Are Updates Free ?

Updates to All Source Code is Included For 1 Year , After That Charge Of 350$ / Year Will Apply For Updates. Incase You Don’t Want Updates You Can Opt Not To Pay This !

What Is An Instance ?

1 Instance is 1 Whatsapp API Connection , at a time 1 number can be active in an instance.

Can Customer Change Number In An Instance?

Yes your Customer can change sender number anytime , by simply scanning the qr code.

How Does This Work ?

Your Customer’s wa web connection is hosted on your server and the number connects with it using qr code scan.

What are the chances of Number Getting Banned ?

Spam / Bulk Marketing can lead to number getting banned.

WA API is an independent product not related to WhatsApp® or Facebook®

Powerful , Rapid & Flexible Whatsapp Api by WA API