Features & Integrations By WA Api - Custom WhatsApp API
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Features Of Dashboard


WA API has a native webhooks to actions option, works like a
MINI Pabbly Connect / Integromat / KonnectzIT / Zapier.

Auto Reply / Basic WA Bot

WA API is also equipped with an "AutoReply" function based on the keywords. You can set keyword based text / file auto reverts and  WA API will reply automatically.

Bulk Sender

You can send Bulk WhatsApp using WA API(even if the recipient does not save your number).

Website Chat Widget

You can create unlimited website chat widgets and insert them in your websites by simply adding the code to header scripts.


Verify your website visitors by sending them an otp on whatsapp as well as track each page visited by them on your website.

Use Case :- Virtual Events Entry / Give Aways / Offers

Features Of API

Send Text Message

Send text message of any length

Send Images

Send PNG / JPG Images

Send Video

Send Mp4 Videos

Send Audio

Send Mp3 Audios

Send PDF Files

Send PDF Files

Send Dynamic Images / PDF

Generate & Send Dynamic Files Via Nexweave / Hyperise / Pabbly

Create Whatsapp Group

Create a new whatsapp group

Add / Remove Members

Add / Remove Members From Group

Send Messages / Files

Send text message / image / video / pdf / audio to a group

Set Receving Webhooks

You can set multiple webhook urls,any message recevied in whatsapp will be sent to all webhook urls.

WA API is an independent product not related to WhatsApp® or Facebook®

Powerful , Rapid & Flexible Whatsapp Api by WA API