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Send WhatsApp Messages Using API Easily, Quickly & Automatically!

Amazing Features Like Auto Reverts, Bulk Messages, Webhook to Actions
and easy integration with Google Forms, Pabbly Connect, Integromat, KonnectzIT, Woocommerce, BotBaba & Many More ....

Instant Notification

WhatsApp Message is sent directly to the receiver or prospect in less than 2 seconds.

Cost Effective

Our pricing is economical & suitable for all business sizes.

No Code Option

You don't need to be good at programming or coding to use WA API. Tutorials are provided.

Happy & Confident Customers

WA API is used by thousands of customers since many years.

Works 24/7/365

The WA API system operates on servers 24 hours, 7 days a week, all year round.

Many Integrations Available

WA API can be used with various platforms such as Woocommerce, Pabbly, Integromat, KonnectzIT , Google Forms, BotBaba etc

Easy Webhooks & APIs

WA API can be used easily, with any platform that can trigger a "webhook" or Call a request via API.

3 Easy Steps To Start Using WA API

Make sure you have installed WhatsApp in the phone (regular or Business version) and have activated the number.

Log in to WA API Dashboard and generate a special QR code to connect WA API with your WhatsApp.

Scan the QR code on WaBot and setup the integration you want to use.

WA API Also Has More Features

Bulk Sender

You can send a Bulk WhatsApp using WA API(even if the recipient does not save your number).

Auto Reply / Basic WA Bot

WA API is also equipped with an "AutoReply" function based on the keywords. You can set keyword based text / file auto reverts and  WA API will reply automatically.


You can check the WA API message log to make sure the message was sent correctly or if there are any problems with the integration made.

WA API is an independent product not related to WhatsApp® or Facebook®

Powerful , Rapid & Flexible Whatsapp Api by WA API